You’re probably familiar with our popular Hilts model. It’s a pretty cool little machine and was inspired by those McQueen cool motorcycles, a bit of a cross between a couple of bikes made famous by the man himself - Metisse Desert Racer and of course the tweaked Triumph that Hilts used to jump those fences. You know McQueen loved race cars too, well we thought we’d put together a little special edition Hilts with a clean simple paint work to echo some of the race cars we love. Ok, in Black and Gold it’s a bit more 70’s JPS than true McQueen, but it echos the same boyhood hero vibe we have for those machines. We are only building 15 of these specials and 5 are already sold, so if you fancy one give us or your local Mutt dealer a shout pretty damn quick! Find out more about the Hilts here.