Where Can You Buy Mutt Motorcycles in Australia?

You’re a serious rider. You’re not the type to keep your bike locked in the garage and only take it for a spin every now and then. You ride frequently, maybe even every day, and in all kinds of weather. You’re fond of a long-distance trip, too. If this describes you, you’ve come to the right place. Mutt Motorcycles sells classic-style small cc yet powerful motorcycles that can keep up with you on all your adventures.  

Whether you’re chasing grunt, torque, comfort, style, reliability or all of the above, Mutt Motorcycles can deliver all of that and then some. Born in Birmingham, UK, our specialty is designing bikes in classic vintage and custom styles but with small cc engines. With no compromise on style or quality, our bikes are affordable and easy to ride, even for beginners.

In Brisbane, you’ll find Mutt Motorcycles at Taverner Motorsports, a dedicated and experienced workshop in Bowen Hills on Brisbane’s northside.  With  40+ years in the industry, the Taverner team have a rich and deep knowledge of bikes that comes in very handy for choosing the right motorbike, but also selecting the right parts for it - and having it repaired when necessary. If the open road is calling and you’re after reliable motorcycles in Brisbane, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Mutt’s selection. Take to the streets with a mint-condition bike that’s fierce-looking but also refreshingly unique and effortlessly cool. 

What is a Mutt Motorcycle?

The Mutt Motorcycles team have been on the tools for over 15 years and has built hundreds of custom bikes, including Harley Davidson Knuckleheads and 1920s Indian cut-downs. We’re well aware of the feelings of admiration, awe and nostalgia that a vintage-style bike can inspire. Yet we also know the power of serious custom bikes can feel out of reach to beginner riders or those without a lot of money to spend.

That’s why we bring you the best of both worlds: small cc bikes that pack a punch and look retro but are simple to manoeuvre on the road, whether you’re gliding through narrow city alleyways or tearing down wide open roads. Mutt Motorcycles Australia specialises in bikes that are affordable, easy to ride and easy to take care of while still looking as cool as any of the classics you’d come across in magazines, movies or TV shows. 

Although our roots are British, Mutt Motorcycles Australia offers bikes to suit all kinds of conditions and environments, available from retailers like our Brisbane partners Taverner. While our bikes are still designed and engineered in Birmingham, Mutt Motorcycles Australia bikes are now assembled at our Brisbane headquarters and sold through our stockists in Brisbane and Melbourne. Our bikes retain that British flavour while also packing the power (and looking good on) both city and country Australian roads.


Different Types of Mutt Motorcycles

Mutt Motorcycles has a broad selection of small cc motorcycle models. It’s easy to find motorcycles in Brisbane that suit your style and help you get what you want out of each ride with Mutt Motorcycles Australia.

If you need some help getting started, here are a few suggestions:

Mutt Hilts 250

One of the most popular models from the Mutt Motorcycles stable, the Hilts was named after Steve McQueen’s character in The Great Escape and designed to embody the same level of dead cool nostalgic charm. Fuel efficient and packing great bottom-end torque, this machine gives you instant power from the word go and can go the distance even though you’re probably not leaping over a barbed wire fence.

With Bosch ABS fitted as standard, the Hilts is also safer than a lot of other bikes at this price point and can stop as quickly as it starts when necessary. Available in a classic matt grey or with a matt green finish on the sides, it’s a great bike to go with if both power and safety are important to you (as we’re sure they are!).

Mutt Black Sabbath 250

The Mutt Motorcycles team have excellent taste in music to match our ideas about what makes for an excellent motorbike. Named after the band of fellow Birmingham locals led by Ozzy Osbourne, the Mutt Sabbath 250cc is a functioning embodiment of a mean and moody heavy metal motorcycle. Like the rest of the Mutt 250 range, this dark and brooding bike provides you with power right off the mark, and there’s nothing at all scary about its very pleasing fuel efficiency.

In terms of both appearance and performance, the Mutt Sabbath 250cc is a highly efficient classic machine that stands its ground and gets things done. Wide Renthal-style bars over a thick front end, 18″ wheels and short black rear shocks keep this bike firmly on the ground as you wind your way through even the fiercest traffic. The flat black heat-treated stainless steel exhaust and silencer barks and grows in the best possible way, like your favourite metal vocalist. Despite its ferocity, the Mutt Sabbath 250cc is nothing to fear. If you’re looking for reliable motorcycles for Brisbane roads, Mutt Motorcycles Australia deliver a blessing with this bike.

Mutt Super-4 250

Mutt Motorcycles Australia knows how to mix it up and do something a little different, and one striking example of this is the Super-4 250cc. With the same power as the other motorcycles in the Mutt range, it also caters to riders with a keen eye for visual appeal. The stunning micro-flake paintwork and chrome finish are enough to catch anyone’s eye, but behind the sparkle, you’ll find power straight out the gate, top-notch fuel efficiency, excellent bottom-end torque and Bosch ABS for stopping power that won’t let you down. The Super-4 packs a real punch and manages to look good while doing so, which is no small feat.

Buy Mutt Motorcycles in Brisbane

For small cc motorcycles in Brisbane, look no further than Mutt Motorcycles Australia! Fuel efficient, reliable, relatively affordable and with the capacity to reach speeds of up to 110+ km/h, Mutts come with a number of benefits that make them well worth your time if you’re looking for a new bike. 

If you’re wondering where to get Mutt Motorcycles in Australia? You’ll find them through our dealers, including our Brisbane stockist Taverner Motorsports, located at 159 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills, on the north side of Brisbane.

Taverner can not only help you select the right Mutt Motorcycles Australia motorbike, but they can also provide you with a range of tools and servicing to help you look after it too. 

Mutt Motorcycles pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our customers, and we can’t wait to meet even more people in Brisbane. We’ve spent a lot of time developing our motorbikes in partnership with overseas suppliers, and now we use a vast selection of unique and very good quality parts! These eclectic parts, however, are put together in a way that’s unmistakably British and unmistakably classic. Our attention to detail and commitment to being - and working with - the best leads to bikes that can satisfy even the toughest customers. 

Get in touch with Mutt Motorcycles Australia by calling us on 1800 466 888, emailing hello@muttmotorcycles.com.au or dropping in to see us in person in Brisbane.
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