What Does CC Mean in a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle cc

You might have read on our website that Mutt Motorcycles makes “small cc motorcycles”, but what does cc really mean in a motorcycle? And more to the point, why is ‘small cc’ a benefit for you when you’re starting out as a rider?

You’ve probably noticed that accessibility is important to the Mutt Motorcycles team. We founded our business on the ethos of designing bikes that are easy to look after, with a timeless look and powerful feel of custom classics.

We believe bikes that look cool and are easy to ride are for everyone. Whether you’re seeking something glossy and glamorous or a moody all-black midnight machine, we’re sure to have the right model in stock for you.

What does cc mean in a motorcycle? Is there a maximum cc for a learner motorcycle, and what’s the ideal motorcycle cc for beginners? As Mutt Motorcycle continues to spread the word about the motorcycle lifestyle around the world, we want to make sure new riders know what to look out for. Here’s what cc in a motorcycle means and why it’s good news for you.

What Does CC Mean?

What does cc mean in a motorcycle? CC stands for ‘cubic capacity’. Sometimes it’s expressed as “cubic centimetres”, but either way, it’s about the displacement of the engine. ‘Displacement’ refers to how much your engine’s pistons move every stroke, so ‘cc’ relates to the volume in the engine, as more displacement leaves more space for the fuel-air mix.

Cubic capacity can range from a mere 50cc to 1500cc on average, yet some of the most powerful motorbikes ever made have displacements of more than 2000ccs.

More displacement means more power but not necessarily better performance. Bigger bikes need bigger engines, and the more CCs you have, the more fuel you burn. Small cc motorbikes come with their benefits, which you’ll find more information about below.

In Queensland and throughout Australia, the maximum cc for a learner motorcycle is 660mL. One cubic centimetre amounts to the same volume as one millilitre, so 660mL is the same as 660cc.

If you’re a new RE licence holder in Queensland, it’s important not to jump straight on a bike that’s too powerful until you’ve built up your hours of experience on the road. It’s a legal requirement that you need to ride a smaller displacement bike until you get your ‘R’ licence. Fortunately, as the next section explains, small displacement bikes have their advantages and are often just as wickedly fun to ride as larger ones.

There are some good reasons why it’s best to stick with a smaller motorcycle cc for beginners.

Impact of CC on Motorcycle Performance

What does cc mean in a motorcycle, both for beginners and for experienced riders? Here are some of the ways you’ll notice cc having an impact on your ride.

Higher cc motorcycles pack more power

A bike with a higher cc can burn more fuel at once, which means higher speeds and faster acceleration. These bikes also have more horsepower and torque. However, higher cc bikes require a level of handling that the average new rider just doesn’t have yet. A smaller cc bike is lighter, easier to manage and leaves more room for error, meaning a safer ride if you’re just starting out on your motorbike journey.

Smaller cc motorcycles are more fuel-efficient

Higher cc bikes burn more petrol in a shorter amount of time, so it’s no surprise they need to be refuelled a lot more often. With a smaller cc bike, you pay a lot less at the petrol pump and get more petrol per mileage.

Smaller cc motorcycles are easier to handle

There’s a reason laws impose a maximum cc for a learner motorcycle. Smaller cc motorbikes are easier to manoeuvre through inner-city streets, around tight turns and corners, and quicker to bring to a stop. A smaller cc bike ensures the mistakes every new rider makes don’t have devastating consequences and protects your safety and the safety of others.

What does cc mean in a motorcycle in regards to the LAMS scheme for beginner riders? As an RE licence holder in Queensland, how do you make sure you comply with the legally required motorcycle cc for beginners?

CC for Beginners and LAMS-Approved Motorcycles

In 2009, the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) began in Queensland for those who were learning to ride or held RE (Restricted) licences.

It allowed riders in these categories to ride motorcycles with engine capacities of up to 660mL and a power-to-weight ratio of no more than 150 kilowatts per tonne.

All motorbikes in the 0-250mL category, including mopeds, are also part of the scheme, with the exception of some select models and bikes with conditional registration that aren’t Australian Design Rules-certified.

There are plenty of options to choose from if you only need a LAMS-approved bike with enough motorcycle cc for beginners.  But, like any purchase, there are things you need to consider, like affordability, size and where you plan to use it. A 50cc moped, for example, may be cheap and easy to get around on, but when you leave the inner city, you’ll find it doesn’t go the distance. How do you meet LAMS requirements while still scoring a bike that has durability and longevity, not to mention style? What does cc mean for a motorcycle’s aesthetics? Are you locked into only shopping for bikes with certain looks, or are you free to explore the full range of impressive variety that exists in the motorcycle world?

LAMS-Approved Motorbikes at Mutt Motorcycles

Motorcycle cc3

The answer is right here. Mutt Motorcycles’ 250cc collection has a motorbike to suit every rider. With a bespoke approach and a commitment to timeless style, we can guarantee that whatever small cc does mean in a motorcycle, it doesn’t mean settling for second-best.

At Mutt Motorcycles, we’ve always believed that custom-style motorbikes with classic, attention-grabbing looks should be accessible to everyone, even beginner riders. This commitment to a safer ride with no compromises on cool has seen us grow from a small custom shop in Birmingham, UK, to a thriving business with dealers and distributors all around the world, including Australia. If you’re in Brisbane, you can swing by 159 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills, to take a look at our stock.

We’ve spent more than 15 years behind the tools, building hundreds of custom bikes, and every new Mutt bike built with a motorcycle cc for beginners gets the same attention to detail as any custom classic.

Without exceeding the maximum cc for a learner motorcycle, you can take your pick from the bad-ass, retro-style matt black Mongrel, the fierce yet slick and black metal-inspired Sabbath, the military sophistication of the matt green Mastiff or the Steve McQueen style of the Hilts. All of these bikes are only 250cc and are as visually appealing and exciting to ride as any of the larger motorcycles you’ll find on the market.

Whether you’re just chasing more information about ‘what does cc mean in a motorcycle’ or you’re ready to get your hands on a LAMS-approved bike of your own, contact Mutt Motorcycles. We’re happy to help you connect with the right small cc Mutt.

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