Pre Flight Checks
Before taking to the road, whether it be for your commute or a long trip, ask yourself when the last time you looked over your motorcycle. Keeping on top of your bike by checking the following points gives you the confidence to do some serious K’s and keeps you safe. Never underestimate the importance of an inspection of your motorcycle for roadworthiness.
Ensure that the bars:
Turn freely;
Are free but not loose.
Pre Flight Checks - Steering check
Operate all lights (front, rear, brake, instrument cluster lighting, turn signals).
Pre Flight Checks - Rear Brake Light
Pre Flight Checks - Indicators
Adjust the rear brake pedal and front brake lever;
Ensure braking efficiency;
Check for fluid leaks;
Pre Flight Checks - Rear Brake Play
Pre Flight Checks - Front Brake Play
Pre Flight Checks - Front brake Fluid
Warning lights
Check the gear indicator light; 
Check the engine management warning light.
Pre Flight Checks - Warning lights
Check throttle cable tension.
Pre Flight Checks - Throttle Cable
Pre Flight Checks - Throttle Cable Adjust
Check the pressure (32psi front and back on a Mutt);
Check the depth of the tread;
Check for notches or cracks.
Pre Flight Checks - Tyre Check
Ensure that it is working properly.
Pre Flight Checks - Horn
Check the clutch cable tension.
Fill the tank sufficiently, taking into account the distance to be travelled (don’t overfill the tank).
Pre Flight Checks - Fuel
If your unsure always check the manual or take it to your local mechanic. Or give us a buzz, we are here to answer any Mutt related questions!