Do people really go touring on small cc bikes? Hell yeah! We've got customers who have ridden Mutts all over the place, Birmingham to Africa, around London, across Europe and back again and the GT-SS is the latest Mutt with long-distance riding in mind... saying that if you just wanna ride your GT-SS down to the pub and have a bit of a pose then that's cool too.


The idea is simple, take one of our heavy-hitting industrial-strength Mutts and send him to a gentleman's class to learn a little about courteous conduct and give him the tools required for longer road use.

The first step is a bigger tank. The regular tank is big enough for most users, but the GT-SS boasts a whopping 17-litre tank specifically designed for this bike and the Mutt Mastiff. As with all our bikes, we wanted to retain the classic British bike lines, and this is no exception. We spent a lot of time making sure the new bigger tank blended in with the classic lines of a Mutt.

Topped off with a beautiful chrome Monza style cap the new bigger tank not only looks just peachy but it also means you won't have to stop for gas for a long, long ride.


As with all of the Mutt 250 fleet, the EFI offers instant power off the mark and great fuel efficiency. The time-proven engine has great bottom-end torque and puts a genuine fun-loving smile on your face.

Bosch ABS is fitted as standard which offers excellent stopping power and a much safer ride than most bikes at this price point.

Mutts also feature a Fuel Vapour Recovery System (FVRS), this takes evaporated fuel vapour, usually lost into the air, and stores it in a carbon filter for use when next starting the bike. Not only saving the planet but saving your precious pennies and preventing your garage from stinking of petrol.

PRICE $7,950 + OTR

For 2020 the entire Mutt stable adorns many new stainless steel and aluminium CNC trick bits, the attention to detail in both design and execution is class-leading.

Head to your nearest dealership to take a Mutt out for a ride.

3 seat heights are available, offering a custom-fitted motorcycle to the rider:
820mm seat height (as standard)
780mm seat height (additional $459)
750mm seat height (additional $823)


Weight: (Dry) 130kg
Top Speed: 129kph
Engine: 4-stroke single cylinder
EFI: Delphi fuel injection
Displacement: 250cc
Max Power: 21hp
Max torque: 18nM
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Brakes: Disc with braided hoses
ABS: Bosch ABS braking system

Fuel tank: 17L with monza style filler cap
Tyres: Wide classic touring tyres
(rear 130-90-18, front 120-90-18) Colour: Gloss black/off-white
Seat: Low profile brown tuck and roll
Fenders: brushed aluminium
Handlebars: Satin silver, low-rise
Grips: Black diamond pattern
Suspension rear: Twin shock, custom chrome
Suspension front: Telescopic, anodised caps

Start: Electric
Headlight: Halogen with HD Alu brackets
Tail light: Custom brushed aluminium, LED
Indicators: CNC brushed aluminium, LED, smoked lens
Heavy-duty aluminium headlight brackets
Speedo: Micro stainless, kph
Exhaust: Heat-treated stainless steel, brushed finish
Warranty: 2-year
Compliance: EU4, ECE


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