After years of building higher end and often pretty pricey vintage custom bikes we wanted to create something more accessible. Something not just at a more obtainable cost but easier and more reliable than the vintage bikes we usually worked with.

So in a way Mutt Motorcycle was born out of frustration. A frustration of not being able to find a super cool small cc retro styled bike. For sure there are plenty of smaller cc bikes about but if you have a modicum of style about you then there really is little choice.


We’ve had the idea of a small cc accessible, affordable and stylish motorcycle rattling round our heads for a while and decided to put our ideas into action.

The whole ethos behind Mutt is to provide customers with a bike that is easy to ride and maintain, affordable to buy and run, with the feel, style and sound of a bigger classically styled machine and endless possibilities for customisation.


The founders of Mutt's back ground is building bespoke vintage custom bikes, over a 15 year career we have built over 200 bespoke custom bikes from 1920's Indian cut downs through to Harleys Knuckles and Panheads and a smattering of Brit Iron and 70's Hondas thrown in so naturally we wanted the Mutts to have the feel of a customised classic bike with the option to bespoke our machines further whilst retaining a sensible price tag.

So, one of our main objectives was to keep the cost of 'The Mutt' as low as possible and still provide a quality product and with that in mind we needed a base to work from.

We began working with various manufacturers in the Far East to source and develop our parts. The engine we plumped for is a version of the bullet proof Suzuki GN engine made by a Suzuki partner which is in itself a perfect starting point. The parts that make up the base chassis and drive train are produced to Mutt’s specification and design with a plethora of unique parts to give it that classic Brit custom look. Our Bikes then come to our workshop in Birmingham, England, the historic heart of British motorcycle manufacturing, where our skilled team complete the process of creating the Mutt.

Our new home is in the once industrial but now buzzing creative quarter of Digbeth, Birmingham, it houses our factory, our clothing store, a coffee shop, and an events space – creating a Motorcycle lifestyle hub that is a really cool place to ride to and hang out.

We like to think we have bought Motorcycle Manufacturing back to its Birmingham heartland and our that bikes are created with a similar vibe to how bikes were built around here in the early days of BSA, Triumph and New Imperial – an old Birmingham made marque which we now own, with an incredible attention to detail, customer relations and pride.

We are of course able to customise any of our Mutts to customer spec and not many Mutts leave the factory without a few or a lot of detail changes.

Mutt continues to evolve at a rapid rate, developing new models, bigger cc’s, moving in to new International markets and developing a wider range of products from parts to apparel, all with the signature Mutt identity.


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