We really dig British brand Hedon, they make some of the most beautiful helmets on the planet and we feel a bit of a kindred spirit with these guys and their relentless pursuit of excellence and quest produce the finest helmets around, not to mention their pursuit of a good times.

You may have noticed we’ve done collaborations and trips with the Hedon team and as another small and unique British brand who better to collaborate with to produce our first Helmet.

Keeping it simple like all things Mutt we opted to work with the timeless classic that is the Hedonist. A beautifully finished open face lid with a slick profile. We wanted to a suave finish with a bit of understated bling so went for a gloss black finish with polished brass trims, the ever popular Mutt wings graphic, in matching brass colour was applied by hand in London by Hedon’s super talented in house paint team.

• Composite fibre shell of fibreglass and carbon fibre
• Black painted shell, glossy finish
• Hed Armor lining with 360″ cushion padding
• Merlin anti-bacterial fabric
• Natural calf leather trim and lining
• Brass HEDON plate
• Mutt Wings graphic on the back
• Brass hardware
• Brass DD buckle
• Weight: 800-900 grams
• EU approved